Fitness Landing Page

11 Hot Tips to Craft a Perfect Fitness Landing Page

Getting visitors onto your page is important, but you need to plan on how to convert these visitors into leads to expand your business and compete fairly in the current digital world. If chosen properly and carefully implemented, social media ads will increase traffic and even convert this traffic into leads on your business by making use of an effective fitness landing page template.

Lander is a market leader in, creating and optimizing landing pages for online business success. Here are a few tips to help you optimize your fitness page for the growth of your business in the internet market.

Analyse The Current State Of Lead Generation


List your strategies plus leads each strategy gets for you. Take into account the cost each strategy requires to generate one lead.

You can access all this information from the direct clients you get from social media or from people who visit your website.

Give Quality Content


Quality content will help you utilize the interest of the client. Most people already have basic knowledge of health benefits of the various fitness activities.

Take advantage of this situation to let them know that your niche is the best in the market for the majority are yet to decide on a particular fitness practice to settle for.

You can only achieve this by making your fitness landing page and media content informative, meaningful and engaging as much as possible. Give a strong first impression by including all the relevant information on the page.

Optimize Your Fitness Landing Page


It doesn’t matter if this is the first or the umpteenth time you are creating your landing page. People will just abandon your fitness landing page if it is not good enough.

You can design the page by yourself, but for greater returns, we advise you to seek professional help, whichever you opt for, always have the following rules in mind when optimizing the page.

Offer something of value on your fitness page.

• Make the page simple, easy to understand and user-friendly such that people can access the form and continue filling it even at a later time using their mobile devices.

• Use actionable and value-driven words in your headline. It should be in line with fitness.

• Briefly describe the value of the offer in the sub-headline.

• Make the body copy compelling and easy to scan and scroll.

• Optimize page title, URL and Meta description for search.

• Use an image to suggest what your reader will get after filling out the form. The image must have an alt-text to enable access in different browsers.

• Strike a balance for the right form size depending on the fitness value you offer.

• Customize the submit button and make it more inciting and provide security details if you need more personal information.

• Have a responsive layout.

• Ensure that your page content passes the blink test.

• Have a thank-you page and kickback emails which are functional.

Always research and learn more about landing page features for better and clearer understanding and to help you understand what you really require for your landing page success.

Have A Great Headline

Fitness Landing Page

Use the headline to grab your readers’ attention. If your headline is long, ambiguous and unrealistic, people will click away from your page. The headline should be consistent with your app, directly address the audience and give a value of taking the next step. Attractive headlines keep the audience interested since they instantly relate to the particular problem you are providing solutions for. Conduct a few tests using different headlines to ascertain which headline work best for your fitness page.

For the fitness of your business, you need these landing pages

Optimize Your Calls To Action


You do not want your visitors to abandon your page without doing what you want them to do. Do not assume that they will just know the action to take, instead, incite them to perform the task. A call to action can be in the form of a button, a link or a sentence.

  General Guidelines For Your CTAs

• Make the CTA stand out and easy to locate.

• Use a button with contrasting colour from your design and make the button large enough.

• Use strong and actionable words with a sense of urgency, such as ‘’download now’’

• Give a value one will get from taking the action.

• Make it the obvious next step by not giving many options

• Ensure it is short and clear to avoid confusion

• Have great values, otherwise, they will be considered spam.

• Relevant and related to your fitness landing page.

• Personalized as much as possible

• Of concise and compelling content

Optimize Email Auto-Responders


Send automatically generated emails to your visitors to keep them up-to-date with your current offers or any new content on your website.

You can get these emails immediately they show interest in your fitness offers, even before they actually buy your products.

The intention of this is to earn their trust for the sole purpose of optimizing your fitness page for high conversions.  Ensure that the emails you are sending are;

• Important with images and videos whenever possible for clarity purposes

• Inciting the readers to take the next call to action.

Remove Navigation Menu


Remove the navigation menu to allow concentration and focus on your fitness landing page.  This will prevent your visitors from abandoning the page, thus a higher conversion rate.

Use Statistics


People believe that the best products are used often and will be in limited stock after a short time. Utilize this belief to the advantage of your fitness page.

Give limited offers to encourage them to quickly jump into your offer. Be sure to give exactly the value of the offer you are promising the visitors to build trust and business credibility.

Optimize Thank You Page

Fitness Landing Page

Set up a functional thank you page. This page presents you with an opportunity to give your readers the next call to action or to give additional fitness information by adding links related to your fitness page. Emphasize the value of the offer.

Keep It Simple


USE a few bullet Points or short and clear paragraph to highlight the value of the offer. Don’t just concentrate on listing what the fitness landing page offers.

Instead, briefly and clearly describe the specific value of your offer, emphasizing on the solution the offer gives by taking into account the needs and interests of your visitors.

This will give people a compelling incentive to respond to your CTA. If you fail to communicate this, the users might feel that they are not on the right page. To achieve this;

• Clearly state your offer in the headline

• Describe the value of your offer in the sub-headline

• Use bullet points to outline the fitness solution you offer.

Encourage Social Sharing


Include social media sharing button to make it easy for your visitors to evangelize what you offer.

Be precise and only include buttons for the social platforms used by your intended audience.  Good thing about a sharing button is that it will increase social network for your landing page.



All the eleven tips look very easy to implement, but if you miss the slightest detail, your fitness landing page template will fall short. Continuously research how best to improve your website and above all seek professional input.