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What Are The Key Adwords Sitelinks Benefits?

As online marketers, you are taught and constantly reminded adwords sitelinks benefits and that it is important to acquire as much of the search engine results page as possible for your brand.

There are numerous tools at your disposal to help you ensure that your strategy is fulfilled. There are PPC and ad extensions that enable you to display additional information on your Ad copy such as social, location, callout, App extensions, Sitelinks and so much more.

These Ad extensions are very beneficial to marketers but the trick comes in when you have to deal with the character specifications that Google has set which are 25 characters for your title and 70 characters for the ad text.

In recent years mobile- preferred Sitelinks have not really been taken seriously by marketers as they are considered as an afterthought.

When advertisers underutilize these Sitelinks they may involuntarily leave their users with continuation points instead of information which could make users opt to click on your competitor’s site instead.

This will cause your site to lose a lot of valuable clicks which will ultimately affect conversions.

When you do not utilize Sitelinks it can be quite toxic especially if your price point is at the end of your link text or if it’s within the generic space in which the users may not be that familiar with your brand or the offers you have.

The following are some of the Google Adwords Sitelinks benefits:

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #1:  Great CTR


 Adwords Sitelinks Benefits


Sitelinks usually have an impressively high click-through rate. The Sitelinks take a few minutes to set up but they can give you about 5 times the number of CTR that your website received initially.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #2:  Helps Quality Score


The Google policy publicly and vehemently denies that Sitelinks improve a website’s quality score but this has been proven by Adwords reps.

It is common knowledge that CTR is one of the biggest factors affecting the quality score of a website.

This makes it essential to do anything that will help improve your CTR which includes utilizing Sitelinks.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #3:  Additional Space For Ad Text


Honestly speaking 95 characters provide very little space to clearly explain the virtues of your PPC offer.

This is where the Sitelinks come in as they offer additional opportunities to add Ad text and Calls to action. They can offer up to 6 additional opportunities.

This is an amazing way of sneaking in more ad copy and also occupying more space in the SERPs as long as the text you add is relevant to each ad group in your marketing campaign.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #4:  Alternate Conversion Paths


Sitelinks can be very effective in pointing visitors to other conversion-oriented landing pages that are different from those found in each individual and groups you have.

This is important as it provides the searcher with more options and also makes it easier for those who are very close to making a conversion to find exactly what they need to take that next step.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #5: Can Send To Multiple Landing Pages For Relevancy


Another benefit that Sitelinks can give to you is the use of multiple landing pages where there is a different landing page for each sitelink.

This gives the searchers more options so as to find the relevant information they are looking for.

This is more beneficial to small businesses which do not have landing page budgets. If you cannot afford to create unique PPC landing pages then you can use Sitelinks as a great alternative.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #6:  Gives Better Sense Of Legitimacy


The most amazing thing about Sitelinks is that most internet users cannot tell the difference between organic Sitelinks and PPC Sitelinks.

This helps you to increase your CTR as most people assume that sites which have additional links are more relevant than those which don’t have these links.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #7:  Allows More Targeted URLs To Deeper Content


Sitelinks allow you to run a PPC ad with multiple different destination URLs.

An example of how to use Sitelinks for general terms could look like: a search for “shoes” could have Sitelinks showing the following “ladies shoes, men’s shoes, sports shoes, casual wear,” etc. Tthis will really help your visitors to narrow their search options and bring them closer to making conversions.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #8:  Competitive Advantage


Most PPC advertisers have for years coveted that golden spot at the top of all the other organic search results. When you include Sitelinks in your ads you increase your competitive advantage for this spot.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #9:  The Ability To Optimize For In-Ad Links/Text


These Sitelinks allow advertisers to increase the length of their ad copies as well as optimizing their advertisements for multiple Calls to Action and landing pages.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #10:  Brand Awareness


You can promote your social media profiles including twitter and facebook using Sitelinks.

Adwords editorial guidelines usually restrict what can be said in this case but there are a number of ways in which you can creatively include your social media links in the Sitelinks and evidently build your brand’s awareness and loyalty.

Adwords Sitelinks Benefits #11:  Good For All Types of PPC Campaigns


Sitelinks Benefits


Sitelinks are amazing in the sense that they can be used in any type of campaign and still bring a lot of positive impacts.

They apply to local campaigns, e-commerce campaigns, lead generation campaigns and so many more.

Dos and Don’ts for Sitelinks


• You should keep your sitelinks short and to the point as a more succinct copy usually performs better according to Google.

You should aim for a character count of between 18-20 for desktop and 12-15 characters for mobile to prevent truncation.

• Don’t set up your Sitelinks and forget them as they normally require minimal maintenance. It is important to check on them periodically to review their performance metrics. The following are some of the metrics you need to check on:

Impressions. If you find a sitelink has very few impressions than you should try to edit it because there is a reason why Google is passing it over.

Click-through rate. If your sitelink CTR is high then there is nothing to worry about but if it’s low, it’s a sign that users are not really relating to your copy and needs to be re-evaluated.

Conversion rates. If the rates of conversion you are getting from your Sitelinks are high then you are all good but if they are low, you should really look at the page you are sending your visitors to and re-evaluate what it’s all about.

• You should schedule the start and end dates for all your Sitelinks that are time sensitive.

• You should also try out the enhanced Sitelinks available to your brand

• Don’t always assume that the Sitelinks you have will always be served alongside your ads.



Sitelinks have proven themselves to be very powerful PPC features. As an advertiser, you should make sure that you effectively utilize them so as to reap all the benefits that they have to offer.

If you had not yet started using Sitelinks in your Adwords campaign then it’s about time you started.

You should always aim to stay a step ahead of your competitors and ensure that your brand performs as best as it can on the search engine results page.