Good Sales Page

11 Ingredients of a Good Sales Page That Really Converts

A Good sales page is one of the best opportunities that marketers can take advantage of in order to explain their products and services to the visitors and convince them to buy the product or use the service. Marketers should, therefore, know how best-converting sales pages.

Having skills in writing converting sales pages will help producers and marketers to boost the sales. A Good sales page will help you get positive results for the business.

However writing converting sale page has proven to be difficult, many people are writing sales pages that are a meaningless copy that will not persuade the audience to buy your product. Writing a good sales page goes beyond good designing.

Essential elements of a converting sales page

Good Sales Page Tip #1: Killer Headline

Good Sales Page

Everything begins with the headline, it is, therefore, necessary to create a headline that is interesting, understanding and that can attract the attention of the visitors.

A strong headline is what will make a visitor to stay and learn more about your product. Therefore to create a successful sales page, it is critical to have a killer headline.

A headline should accomplish the following goals;

a. It should grab the reader’s attention.

b. Should be short.

c. It tells the visitor what your product or service is about.

Good Sales Page Tip #2: Persuasive Sub-headline


A sub-headline is the next element after a headline on the sales page. Sub-headline should make the visitor stay.

A sub-headline should have the following elements;

a. It should be positioned underneath the main headline.

b. It should be persuasive.

c. It should be of more detailed as compared to a headline.

d. It should encourage the reader to stay.

Good Sales Page Tip #3: Pictures


Pictures are an important element of your sales page. The readers’ brain process pictures faster than text, therefore pictures affect the readers immediately. The pictures you use in your sales page should have the following elements;

a. They should be large.

b. They should be relevant to your product or service.

c. Pictures should be relevant to the reader and grab the attention of your user if it is a service sales page.

d. Should be of high-quality.

e. Should be part of your sales page right from the start.

Good Sales Page Tip #4: An Explanation


Sales page should explain what they are selling to the reader in a clear manner. You will automatically lose your readers if they can’t understand what your product is about.

You should, therefore, be straightforward in your explanation. You can integrate explanation with your headline; you can also decide to make it separate. The explanation should always be geared towards making a benefit. Its functionality should favor the user.

Good Sales Page Tip #5: Value Benefits


These are features, services, and innovations that are intended to make your product attractive to your customers. Value benefits explain to the customers what is in for them on the page.

To achieve this, you should list down your benefits. They should also be focused on the reader, always think about your customers and how they can benefit from your products.

Value benefits should not be about your company. You are writing a value benefit in order to make your customer feel awesome with your product or service.

Good Sales Page Tip #6: Logical Flow


The logical arrangement of elements in the sales page is critical and important as the content. Arranging elements logically will help to engage your readers. Your users will be able to read and follow the facts.

The following will ensure a logical flow;

a. Make the explanation start.

b. Continue with the benefits.

c. Make sure you include testimonials.

d. End with CTA.

Many marketers will want to avoid long sales page, however long sales page can be effective if it is arranged properly. It is also important to spend some time to determine CTA placement

Good Sales Page Tip #7: Pain


Try to make your sales page to relieve users’ pain by using your service or product. You should make the user think about their pain and therefore they will seek relief for their pain and if your product or service can solve the pain, they are more likely to convert to your product or service.

This how you can do it;

a. Tell the user what they will lose.

b. Implement pain references in the testimonials.

c. Convey the pain through a trustworthy method.

d. Be sure that you can relieve the pain.

e. Present the problem without providing your customers with a solution.

f. You conclude with your product or service providing a solution.

Good Sales Page Tip #8: Pleasure


Every human being has a desire to have pleasure. Pleasure can take a variety of forms. Pleasure can be incorporated into sales page in two main ways. These include;

a. Show that pleasure is a by-product of your product, therefore, having the product is the same as having the pleasure.

b. Show how your product can earn a pleasure need beyond its functional role.

Good Sales Page Tip #9: Trustworthy Testimonials

Good Sales Page

Testimonials are used by marketers in order to earn the trust of their users. Users would like to know if they can trust your service or product and they will be able to trust your product or service if they see a trustworthy testimonial.

The following are some ways on how marketers can incorporate trustworthy testimonials into your sales page;

a. Get real people to testify- get people who are most relevant to your target audience to testify.

b. Make sure you use pictures-testimonials should be accompanied by a photo or picture. Users will trust testimonials that are accompanied by a picture.

c. A testimonial should be specific- good testimonials should be accompanied by a specific application, real data, and real numbers.

Good Sales Page Tip #10: Methods of Contact


You should make sure that the legitimacy of your business is clear to the users. Sales pages should have multiple methods of contact that includes a phone number, physical address, contact form and email address.

Having a contact list on your sales page can also strengthen the trust of users to your products. You should keep in mind the following as you add contacts to your sales page;

a. Provide a physical address and a phone number- this will provide assurance to your users that your company is real.

b. Use live chat and make sure that you give your users a convincing reason why you should have a live chat.

Good Sales Page Tip #11: A Guarantee


Customers love to have guarantees. It can help people feel that they are measured while on your page. It also improves the chances of a conversion.

Marketers should keep in mind the following when making a guarantee on their sales page;

a. Guarantees take many forms, therefore, you should choose the type of guarantee that can work for your business and state it in your sales page.

b. You can provide a different type of guarantee in case there is no any explicit product guarantee for your product.

c. Position the guarantee statement close to the CTA. This closeness will help the user to have a final bit of assurance and be ready to convert to your product.



Effective sales page should incorporate the required elements for it to become successful. These elements should be arranged in a logical way in order to allow readers to follow it easily. To create a best-converting sales pages contact Lander.