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11 Ways to Improve Your ROI With Free Trial Pages

So, you have a product or service that potential customers know nothing about and you’re wondering how to introduce it in the market. Potential customers are very hesitant about paying for a product or service that’s new to them. So how do you go about it? Trial pages are a good way to go.

The customers can easily try out your product and gain trust in it which is great, but how do you convert that into a sale?

A lot of free trial Pages come to a dead end when the trial period is over. How can you fix this?

In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips on exactly how you can convert those free trials on your trial pages into sales.

Some useful tips

Trial Pages Tip #1: Money Back Guarantee


Give back the money? It might not sound very good to you but this is persuasive and will immediately make your customers feel safe. An experiment by one of the world’s greatest marketers showed that it is quite effective.

The experiment

Neil Patel changed the focus of his website to increasing purchases when it reached 400,000 monthly visitors. His focus was no longer boosting traffic.

One of the things he did was adding the money back guarantee and guess what?  It increased his monthly revenue by 21%.

Trial Pages Tip #2: Require a Credit Card


Why would I require a credit card? It will scare potential customers away. This is a risk to take, yes but it also means that real or “serious” users will give your trial period a shot. It will also enable you to track and analyze the trial sign-ups.

Extra tip: You can pair an automatically converting membership with a money back guarantee to make it easy for the users to get their money back if they’re not satisfied.

Extra tip: Use security badges to let potential customers know that they are safe. Credit card information is very sensitive; it’s great to display badges of very we-known security companies on your page to let users know that their data is safe with you.

Trial Pages Tip #3: Test a Multi-Step Conversion Process

Trial Pages

Chances are, users will still get scared and doubtful when they see that they are required to give their credit card information.

To mitigate this, have a multi-step conversion that asks users for information like name and email before asking for the credit card info.

Trial Pages Tip #4: Try Different Types Of Media


Try working with videos; they have actually been found to be able to boost conversions by up to 86% due to the fact that it’s easily relatable and familiar to the reader.

Explain how your product or service solves a problem, give insights into your processes but also remember not to give away too much as it can create friction with the readers.

Trial Pages Tip #5: Experiment With Different Trial Periods


You don’t know what period of time will work best to convert users into paying customers. If it takes too long, they might get bored or they might want it to take long so that they experience your product more. You don’t know.

It is best to experiment with different trial periods. Try with maybe, a 1 week, 2 weeks or 1-month trial and test the different rates of engagement.

This will also depend on your product or service so put that into consideration as well.

Extra tip: You can let the users choose their own trial period. This will open up opportunities for you and them to have different subscription options. During this time, focus on getting honest feedback from the users on what works best for them.

Trial Pages Tip #6: Ditch the Trial Period


WHAT? But isn’t this all about trial periods? It seems contradictory but it can work. You could choose to do away with the trial period altogether and just give full, unlimited access.

If your model is subscription based, this could work really well for you because it teases users into wanting more of your product or service.

You could also consider having a “freemium” option that has a limit. When the users understand the value of the service once the freemium option reaches its limit, they are more likely to pay for it.

Trial Pages Tip #7: Test Different Landing Page Layouts

Trial Pages

Create a landing page for your free trial that’s easily navigable. A lot of users get put off when the landing page content is tough to navigate and they will not move on from that point. Make sure you have a very clear route for the most basic content.

Test different variations of landing pages and get the one that has the highest number of conversions.

Investopedia conducted a test where they changed a lot of elements on their landing page and features a different headline and a new call to action (CTA). They even put a copy of a letter written on behalf of the co-founder. The results?  The conversion rates were boosted by nearly 90%!

Lander specializes in creating great landing pages for your trial page, freemium page or website that you can use to get users converting fast.

Trial Pages Tip #8: Value Your Diverse User-Base


Don’t make your trial too static and rigid. Appreciate the fact that the user is also taking their time to test your product or service; this is also restrictive for them. Make the individual user’s experience worth their time if you want them to pay after the trial.

Add that personal touch, understand their needs. If they want to extend their period, you can be flexible and allow this.

You can have a team that deals with the trial-period users that are on call for them if they have any queries.

Remember, a great customer experience is the best marketing tool. Don’t scale down on this just because it’s a free trial.

Trial Pages Tip #10: “Poke” Inactive Users


We’ve seen this work. You subscribe to something, forget all about it, then you open your email one day and see a great reminder asking how you’re doing while accompanied with some useful information and just like that, you’re back on the wagon. It works.

Don’t wait to tell your users that, “we’re sorry to see you go” while they are unsubscribing from your service.

Give them a gentle nudge once in a while; remind them what’s great about your product or service. Get feedback from them about why they are inactive and what you need to change.

Trial Pages Tip #11: Collect Feedback

Trial Pages

Finally, collect feedback and use this to improve your process. Learn from your mistakes. This is a trial period after all; know what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re not getting subscriptions or if people are subscribing and dropping out 3 days letter, don’t guess the reasons why ask the users and find out why.

One of the ways you can do this is by asking paying members what they like most and least about your service and what made them sign-up for it in the first place.

Talk to paying members who canceled and also ask them why they canceled. You can also have visitor’s feedback all which will help you know what works best.



Ultimately, you want to boost your sales by the highest rates possible, trial pages can be used to do this.  Be smart about it and use these useful tips!