Social Media Trends

10 Social Media Trends to Look Out and Capitalize On

Social media marketing has greatly grown in the recent past. This growth comes with a good share of operational inefficiencies. For this reason, business owners need to understand the emerging social media trends so that they are always on top of their game.

Current social media trends include:

1. Higher Interaction Rate Between Brands and Clients


The engagement between the brands and the consumers has greatly increased. Research shows that 1 in every 3 clients mentions a brand in their social media posts about personal achievements.

Consumers love sharing their personal achievements on social media as well as getting likes and responses as a result of mentioning the brands in their post.

You need to capitalize on this trend to expand your business. Don’t just use social media as an advertising platform. Create an everlasting great impression of your products. Provide a network where your clients can reach you.

This way, your clients can ask you questions and you will be in a position to provide feedback as soon as possible.

2. Customizable Chatbots to Take Care of Customers

Social Media Trends

Your clients will ask questions or just post any message to your brand. They expect you to give feedbacks to such messages as soon as possible. This can be an uphill task if you receive millions of such messages.

To efficiently respond to the clients, brands have developed chatbots.

The current social media trends point towards a different phase of growth with chatbots. Take, for example, the more than 100,000 active chatbots on Facebook Messenger.

The brands use them to collect information from clients, respond to questions and take orders.

It is however important that different chatbots are created differently. We recommend you to customize it to fit your business needs.

3. Brands Relying on Social Listening Tools


Social listening allows brands to track specific conversations about their brands. It also involves leveraging the words you tracked and trying to develop new opportunities to create new content for the audience you listened to.

The social listening tools provide more than just viewing who comments on your posts. The tool allows you to reflect on and analyze the response of the audience, then strive to address the response in the best possible way.

Below are some of the reasons social listening tool is among social media trends you should adopt:

It Enables you to Give Better Customer Care

By tracking and analyzing the conversations about your brand, you will be in a position to know how best to respond to such conversations.

A More Engaging Content

Using the social listening tools will enable you to determine the best content to share. Track the commonly used keywords, hashtags and topics then use them to create a great content for your audience.

Newer Marketing Campaign

Who doesn’t like trying out viable new opportunities? The tool will allow you to find new trends as early as possible. This way, you will be in a position to meet your client’s current demands.

4. In-platform Messaging and Stories on Instagram

Social Media Trends

In the last few months, you could open up Instagram and find a familiar story. The stories on this site resemble and function just like the features of a Snapchat with a similar name.

The stories were recently released to allow you to share all moments of your day as opposed to the older version that only allowed sharing of important moments of the day.

Before the changes, you could only post visuals to your feeds. The images would be kept in the profile grid.

But with the new changes, you have the option to add the video to your story and give your followers the chance to view it any moment they click your account profile.

Adding at least two images in your story will make it possible for the followers to view the image in a sliding chronological order. The slides will be available for viewing for a maximum of 24 hours.

The new update also reduces your worries of posting too much information. You can even add a bit of creativity and post as much as you want throughout the day.

5. More Argumentative-reality and Face Filters


The use of face filters has greatly increased. Both Instagram and Snapchat use the dog ear face filters.

Snapchat allows advertisers to use a customized face filter for a specified period of time. The filters cost quite a fortune.

Instagram has also adopted the Social media trends to offer brands the opportunity to engage with their customized face filters.

6. Social Call-out Culture and Taking a Stance


The rise of social-call out culture leaves more responsibilities on the shoulder of the brand’s social team.

Many consumers are turning to social media to air out their grievances or disappointments about the brands.

Your brand’s social team should reinforce a stance through social or make more of a social effort. Social media neutrality works best. Avoid taking political sides as much as possible.

7. Increased Use of Live Video Content

Social Media Trends

Facebook recently announced changes to its Newsfeed algorithm. The changes the content type to be from family and friends of the users rather than the pages they follow.

This means that posts that attract more likes and comments from the users’ friend list will be highly ranked.

For this reason, brands have increased their reliance on live videos to advertise their products.

Live videos are more interesting, engaging and memorable. Using them will help you attract more likes and comments.

8. Story Links


Previously, business owners were not able to add links to their posts. This forced them to promote their products through other creative ways like changing bio links to indicate a recent advert.

With the new Instagram story links, verified users can provide links at the bottom of their post to direct customers to content outside the Instagram platform.

The viewers and followers can easily swipe up and be directed to the content without necessarily leaving the platform. This makes work easier and more interesting.

9. Use of Mention Tool


The mentioned tool allows you to shout out the names of your followers in the story you are posting. It is not a must to feature the users in the story before you can give them a shout out.

You can also tag your preferred brand into your story using eye-catching texts in the title. You can do this by following the simple steps below:

Type the ‘’ @’’ button just before the handle of the account user you want to mention. Use the text tool to do this.

A small line will be displayed beneath the handle. This indicates the link that your tags can click to view your story. It is just that simple.

10. Increased Usage of Expiring Content


Consumers believe that quality products are limited. Brands have mastered the art of sending expiring contents to consumers.

This will urge the consumers to read the content as soon as they see it. expiring contents on different social media platforms will allow you to create unique and quality products for your clients.



Don’t be left behind. Adopt these great emerging Social media trends in social media to expand your client base. You can contact us at Lander and our experienced and dedicated team will help you with your social media marketing needs.