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10 Key Benefits of Chatbots for Your Online Business

Chatbots in Digital Marketing: There are many methods put place by many organizations to assist in customer service.

But customer satisfaction remains one of the challenges marketing managers have to deal with. With this in mind, we need to learn a new method of customer interaction to boost the satisfaction of customers. This is the use of chatbots.

How Do You Interact With Your Customers?


One of the best ways to interact with customers in online businesses is using chatbots. A chatbots is a program that facilitates real interaction via the chat interface.

Chatbots technology has been on the rise in recent years and has been adopted widely. The technology is making customer service and communication easier than before.

Chatbots started at around 1950’s though its popularity has just developed lately. It is predicted that 80% of the business will adopt chatbot by 2020.

Chatbots are designed to have a conversation with you just like another human being. They have been programmed to give automated answers to questions that are repetitive immediately. They actually converse with customers through messaging applications.

Chatbots are normally based on a machine gathering information to allow copying of a human conversation, also known as machine learning.

This means any conversation chatbots have with users normally helps them to have additional information which will help it deliver more quality conversations.

Chatbots uses text and voice and can present the content of product pages images, blog entries and also tutorial videos to the customer.

This makes it possible to give a wide range of information using chatbots to customers. By this, chatbot is designed to answer almost all questions asked by a user.

It’s only when a complicated action is needed, the chatbots will forward the request to a customer care assistant (a real person).

Chatbot has major contributions to businesses. They are mostly used in the field of marketing for many businesses to increase revenues.

They are used as direct support to online shoppers to direct them and also help them to make decisions on their purchases.  Use of chatbot in help to reach the audience within a quick time.

Chatbots answer customer queries about business products or services and all this has led the technology being commonly referred to as conversational commerce.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Chatbots?

Here are ten reasons why you should incorporate chatbots technology into your marketing activities.

Higher Open Rates


When comparing chatbots rates with email rates you’ll realize that chatbots has higher rates. This is because of its interactive and immediate responses.

People who have used chatbots can tell you it’s the best because it generally it records high numbers.

Instant messaging is important because customers don’t have to wait for their answers and this works well to increase their numbers.

The good thing about instant messaging is that customers can skip unwanted or explanations they think are complicated.

Higher Engagement With The Customers



Engagement with customers is one of the things that boost up sales in almost all businesses. Bots bring the engagement level of your business to customers to a higher level. This helps boost sales in the business.

The reason as to why business use social media and all other platforms of digital marketing are to enable higher levels of engagement with their customers.

Since chatbots is very interactive, it heightens the engagement between the business and the buyers.

Personalized Experience


The experience customers have with the business is what makes them appear more often to make more purchases.

The first impression a customer gets is what makes a customer decide whether they are going to purchase any more from the business.

Chatbots helps in the personalization of the conversations between the business and the buyer. This makes the buyers feel that they are being understood and their questions are answered satisfactorily.

A pleasant chatbot creates a unique experience and also enhance efficiency in a conversation. This then results in increased customer’s satisfaction which leads to higher sales.

Increased Online Presence


One of the ways to establish a strong and long-lasting relationship with your customers is increasing your online presence.

With the help of social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter, you can increase your online presence and increase your sales.

Most marketing managers have it that a marketing policy without a social media strategy is termed to be incomplete.

Chatbots boosts social media marketing by increasing the engagement with your customers. The best thing about chatbot is that it can educate inform and also entertain the buyers.  All this happening on a single platform.

One good thing about chatbots is that they create a 24/7 online service to your customers.

Chatbots Analyses Data


Did you know that chatbots gather customer data and analyses the data each time it makes a conversation with a customer? Well, now you know.

Chatbots understand human behaviour and then provides data to the particular buyer. Some of the information got by chatbots is the location of the user, the device the customer is using, the customer’s questions and much more.

 What is the Importance Of Having Your Customer’s Data?


Customer data helps one to know customer location and type of the customers that are interested in their products. This brings a picture of who the business customers are.

Ease Of Making Payments


Chatbots are making payments easier. This is because they are designed in such a way that they can receive payments. This makes payment for customers much easier compared to following other methods.

The payments made by the customers are processed centrally by the operator of the platform using payment data.

This can create a lot of revenue for your business, as customers will find it convenient to make payments when purchasing the products, they require.  Platform operators are always ready to process payments made using chatbots.

Increased Customer Leads



Bots have the ability to predict the customers purchasing behaviour and customers preferences. What chatbots does is that it shows more products similar to the one's customer is looking for.

This helps in marketing the products and making the customer aware that such products exist.

Bots collect information about price range gender characteristics and more information from the customer. This helps the customers get what they want without wasting time. Chatbots ensures that leads are always made available with the first engagement with the customer.

Quick Response To Customers


What makes customers happy is when their questions are answered without time wastage. And this can be very exciting when a customer gets an immediate answer to a particular product.

This helps to clarify customer’s questions and with no time the customer is able to make informed decisions before making the purchases. Bots are generally faster in question answering compared to a human being.

Notification Messages


Notification messages are very important to any business. What notification messages does is to help initiate the interest of a buyer in a featured product.

This is the same case with bots. They initiate conversations when necessary using notification messages.

Information in the messages can be to notify the users about new orders being placed on various products. Examples of important updates which customers can get are product arrivals, new orders, and product features.

Improved Customer Assistance


Customers need support during shopping. This is because customers need help to understand which products fit the budgets and their needs.

Some shoppers may not have the know how to find the products they are looking for. Chabot helps such customers through the question-answer service.

Saving on Costs


Chatbots help reduce the costs involved in customer service. Why? This is because developing a performing chatbots is cheaper than creating a platform for hiring employees for various tasks.

Use of chatbots allows saving on employee costs and also avoiding human errors by employees. This is due to the automated responses created for the customers.

Bots allow human customers to use more time in other more complicated tasks other than the simple repetitive question that customers ask.

Did you know Chatbots actually have the potential to replace 29 representatives in an organization? This brings in a lot of savings in the organization. Chatbots technology can easily be adapted to business.

This because one can create you're their chatbots without any coding experience with the help of an already existing platform such as Manychat Growthbot and Chatfuel.



Other areas where chatbots can be effective are in restaurants, delivery, healthcare, and customer support.

We actually can’t exhaust the benefits of chatbots in marketing which is a clear indicator that chatbots is what you need in your business to increase sales.

Research has proven that business thrive more than their competitors by adopting new technologies that are not with their competitors.

In other words, you have every reason to use chatbots in your marketing strategy if you are to make great improvements.