10 hacks for Landing page optimization

10 Hacks for Landing Page Optimization

What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing-page optimization is the process of developing a landing page to enhance the number of visitors by writing relevant content, attaching compelling pictures, speeding up page load time, and adding the lead capture form, etc to convince visitors to take the desired action.
Landing page optimization permits you to make conversions which ensures that you give your visitors the proper information they want, it also confirms that your landing page has the accurate balance of design, connection, and functionality to convert your visitors into conversion. Landing page optimization requires creating landing page elements and design that makes it easier for the potential customer to understand the idea of the page and click the call-to-action button.
An unoptimized landing page makes conversions tricky because it doesn’t hold the visitor into conversion.  If you aim for a charismatic lead conversion method then optimizing landing pages is the path you should follow. Let's see why landing page optimization matters for your brand.

Importance of Landing Page Optimization

Generate Leads and Conversions
Why does it generate more leads? Because it's a dedicated page that provides an individual offer. Visitors are given the exact information they are looking for. No doubt landing pages assist to generate more qualified leads and succeed in greater conversion rates. Research by marketing sherpa states that nearly 68% of B2B companies create landing pages to produce leads for imminent conversion. Landing pages are a quintessential part of online marketing operations. A landing page is a specifically designed page whose main intention is to generate leads and increase conversions or shove leads. Landing pages are concentrated on conversions, advancing their execution can lead to meaningful improvements in sales results, It guides buyers about a particular product, service, or offer and embolden them to take action. This is your moment to generate conversions and intensify your consumer base.

Build Credibility
Landing pages relish a dilemma and suggest solutions to show visitors that your business can render solutions for whatever pain point they’re coping with. You can beat the case by showcasing consumer testimonials or showcasing some of your present successful customers. Some research says that a core element of building credibility with landing pages is organizing social records in that content. The concept behind social facts is that all of us are destined to purchase if we can notice that other people are satisfied with that product. All of this proves to your prospective buyers that you don’t simply talk for communication, you can give them solid inferences.

Enhance your Search Traffic
It’s invariably a genuine thought to routinely evaluate your pages’ performance, recognize inherent achievement gaps and update your landing page content respectively. An optimized landing page that is search-friendly practices targeted keywords and follows search engine optimization best practices will generate extra organic traffic for your site for sure. Instead of concentrating on the selective causes why your page isn't converting,  focus on some of the hacks you can execute to make it convert even more beneficial. Here are 10 hacks to optimize your landing page.

10 Hacks to optimize your landing Page

Add Optimized Images and Videos
Images and videos not only explain your products and services but enhance the visual appeal of the landing page. The prime decision-making for purchase is backed with some emotional attachment, using an image on the landing page to tab into your visitor's emotions helps in enhancing the conversion rate. Videos go viral because of the element of emotion, showing how simple it is to use your product/ services via a video makes the visitor succeed in the conversion goal.
Having an image or a video on your landing page helps grab the attention of the visitor effectively. Attaching an image that would look high grade on the landing page is a prominent idea, the image and videos need to be optimized for that particular landing page.
Landing page media should have the following optimization aspects:

-Relevance - The image/ video you add on your landing page should be connected to your offerings, do not add an image just because it seems good if it has no connection with your products/services.
-Load Time Efficiency: Don’t add images or videos that increase your page load time, page speed is one of the primary aspects parallel to the visual enhancement.
-Visually Appealing: The images/videos used should be of the right resolution and quality provoking a reader to scroll and stay on your landing page.

A/B Testing
A/B testing is a method of testing multiple versions of a landing page to see which one performs better. This testing method helps marketers expertly optimize their landing pages. Continuous and consistent A/B testing can help you study your user’s overall experience, and enhance your conversion rates. But what should you A/B test? Conducting  A/B tests based on data you receive from your present consumers, increases your conversion rates because it fixes a problem that you know your visitors are having. It is necessary to ascertain what you can test based on consumer data.

Landing page optimization
You can gather customer data for A/B testing through the following ways:
User Recording: With the help of recording the activities of your visitors while they are on the page you can analyze which part of the page visitors spend the maximum time on and which sections of the landing page were ignored. If you notice that visitors squander time on the page but leave without clicking on the call to action button then you should consider designing the button in a contrasting color and in a much engaging pattern.
Google Analytics: Google Analytics allows you to recognize what’s happening on the back end of your landing page to find out that your visitors are staying on your page long enough to convert.
When you manage numerous A/B tests, you are frequently updating your conversion rate by modifying the optimization of your page elements.

Craft an effective Call To Action Button
The call to action button is a link you add to your landing pages to direct users towards your conversion goal. Every visitor coming on a landing page has to take one action which is to click on the CTA button or leave the page. More clicks on the call to action button are the basic objective of every landing page. An effective CTA button helps in optimizing the actions taken by visitors. What makes a CTA button effective? Optimizing call to action button includes the following three elements:

  • Call To Action Button Color: First thing first, the easy visibility to the call to action button should be a priority and the right color preference should be chosen;
    To make your buttons visible make sure they are:
  • Contrasting in color
    Bordering by sufficient white space
    Have visual signs
  • Call to Action Button style: The CTA button style should be similar to the website body style, it should be connected to the page offerings and should speak to the visitor. When you mention ‘my’, ‘you’, and ‘your’ terms on your CTA buttons you directly transmit a sense of personal message which provokes a visitor to take the call to action button on your landing page.
  • Call To Action Button Size: The basic element that makes the CTA button more remarkable is white space. When you surround the button with enough white space, you separate it from the other elements which make it more prominent

Strategic Content Arrangement
The strategic content arrangement is a powerful landing page hack that is not covered in most conventional landing page optimization processes.
If your product or services are easy to concede, then arrange your desired call to action at the top of the page. If your offering is complicated, you will require to take a different approach. You must satisfy visitors of the interests of your product before presenting your call to action besides down the page.
If you are not assured what to address, ask your current consumers regarding any of the main points you assisted them to treat with. They will share some robust insights you had not imagined of.

Landing page optimization

Use testimonial
Testimonials! Is the thing that can influence a prospect, build trust, and add more weight to the decision they're going to make. Adding customer testimonials on your landing page increases the credibility of your product. Visitors trust consumer testimonials because they understand that these testimonials come from real people just like them who suffered from a similar difficulty that they face. They also thought that why should they trust customers' testimonials. Every advertised testimonial must be escorted by a picture of a real customer. Collect testimonials from personalities who would be suitable for your target audience. While asking customers for testimonials, ask them to highlight the benefit they are suffering as an outcome of your solution. Try adding testimonials that tell an inspirational consumer story to get the most clicks on your CTA button.


Clean and Simplistic Landing Page Layout/ Design
An optimized landing page design/layout changes a visitor to conversion in the limited extent of time as conceivable, it also provides value for the reader and offers solid grounds to take the next steps which are clicking the call-to-action button. Landing page content should be pleasant to read and simple to grasp. Make sure the http://armodexperiment.com/ content is drafted in a tone you would generally speak adding to which keeps the content educational and informative. Cut all the jumbled chunks of content by attaching it to 2 – 3 sentence paragraphs and back your content with graphics to help visitors with a better understanding of the displayed information.  Avoid having numerous CTAs on your landing page as multiple links will give your visitors the possibility of bouncing off from your landing page as it leaves the reader confused on which link or button would follow to the right action. Your CTA will be clear to identify if you are not inserting a navigation bar and a footer on a landing page. It devises your visitors with only one potential path of step which helps in building a streamlined conversion process. We have pre-designed templates with a clean layout that you can use to create your landing pages


Pick a well-expressive headline.
The headline has the most decisive impact on a landing page. Headline covers everything: attention, interest, and understanding. A compelling headline is a basic component of a converting landing page.  If visitors aren’t drawn in by the headline, then they won’t view anything else.
What Requires to be in a Headline? Well, expressive headline includes the following things:

  • Be specific
  • Short and clear
  • Talk about the audience's pain point
  • Focus on one thing that your prospects believe to be highly beneficial

There’s always something unique about your product or services that you know people want, that may be the best source for your headline. The headline shouldn’t be extremely long to start defining what your product is all about, there is a place for that where you can furnish a brief explanation of what your product or services are all about.


Create a sense of urgency
Creating a powerful sense of urgency on your landing page is important if you want to encourage your visitor to take action. Urgency is a very convincing point of human psychology, it makes visitors respond to your call-to-action immediately and increases their conversion ratesIn inspiring actions using a sense of urgency, you can use a limited timer, a limited offer, a discount, etc, to stimulate your leads to take quick action. You can score even major importance by using high coercion colors (red or orange) Or you can highlight segments of your Content with these high coercion colors. Apply terms like “limited”, “too late”, “now”, and “soon”. To heighten landing page conversions, try to link a sense of interest among a sense of urgency.


Optimize with lead capture forms
Landing page lead capture forms allow you to gather valuable information regarding your visitors. Optimize your lead capture forms by taking care of form length and formatting to help convert more visitors. How do I optimize your lead forms on my landing page? Below are the essential elements for an effective landing page lead form:

  • Suitable length: Don’t create unwanted lengthy forms because those forms may feel annoying to your visitors. The length of the form should depend on your offering. Depending on the requirement for the product or service your form may include fields like the Name, Email address, Contact number. The lead form should be drafted to keep clear and crisp for the next set of desired actions in the lead funnel.
  • Trustworthiness: Visitors don’t fill lead capture forms that just require their information and don’t give them specific guarantees, add your privacy policy link in your lead capture form because a  privacy policy is one of the most important legal agreements for your online business.
  • Privacy Link: add your privacy policy link in your lead capture form because a  privacy policy is one of the most important legal agreements for your online business. A link to your privacy policy helps add credibility to your landing page by giving appropriate information on how the information collected by you shall be processed and protected.
  • Arranged: Design the form correctly by naming the fields and use sufficient white space.

Add Pop-Ups
Landing pages produce extra conversions from their exit pop-ups than from the original landing page content. Optimizing your landing page precisely is the passkey to achieving the landing page conversion result. A business owner desires more consumers, infinite sales, and stronger conversion to achieve this. You can provide a free solution in your exit pop-up that moves the visitor.If you can get your visitor's attention with a popup, it’s your responsibility to maintain their interest and get them to take action.  How do you do this? Here are few ideas to optimize your pop-ups:

-Create Exit Pop-ups
-Use Friendly Language in Your Pop-Ups
-Focus on Strong Graphics
Landing page optimization

Benefits of Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization servers a bunch of benefits here are a few of them which would be a result of the hacks followed; Firstly landing page optimization quickly boosts your company goals such as advertising a new product, acquiring new customers, or achieving more sales.
Landing page optimization benefits your brand because it can be catered to the specific people you are targeting. The information provided on the landing page influences a visitor’s decision to take action. A landing page optimization sets up a clear action for users to take and makes it as easy as conceivable for them to take that action. Landing page optimization helps to improve the credibility of your product or service, assuring consumers and acknowledging their pain points helps in enhancing your product's reliability and credibility.
There’s no doubt that an optimized landing page is essential for your business. By creating a landing page that is clear and effective you can encourage conversions from all of your visitors, because the optimization of your landing page is an essential key to your conversions, it is very important that you get this right. Keep going through this blog and practice the hacks to create the landing page that your visitors find powerful.