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What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing or split testing is as it sounds, an experiment where you test two different versions of a Landing Page simultaneously. It’s basically nothing more than the application of a scientific method to your online marketing efforts. What is that you say? Well, check out these 5 points:

A/B Testing Tips
A/B Testing: Evaluate existing information
Evaluate existing information
A/B Testing: Develop a hypothesis
Develop a hypothesis
A/B Testing: Test your hypothesis using an experiment
Test your hypothesis using an experiment
A/B Testing: Measure your results
Measure your results
A/B Testing Take action on the new information
Take action on the new information

Applied to your pages, A/B testing is the disciplined application of regular testing to ensure you’ll have the best version of your Landing Page optimized for conversions. So, as you’ve read, A/B testing, or split-testing allows you to optimize your website or landing page for conversions, or in other words, the process of transforming a visitor into a customer.

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Why should I run A/B tests
on my landing pages?

A/B testing offers online marketers a host of potential benefits including a lower bounce rate, higher conversion rates, and most importantly, more sales. When you conduct A/B testing, your customers and page visitors are giving you a valuable gift; they are telling you what they like and also don’t like about your online marketing efforts.

The beauty of online marketing is that you can measure and improve every aspect of your strategy. It doesn’t matter if your results are “in the tank” or your campaigns are soaring sky high. You can improve them if you conduct A/B tests consistently and if you implement new changes accordingly.

“Remember: They are telling you how you can achieve greater and greater results.”

Why should I run A/B tests on my landing pages?

Gain an Advantage
over Your Competition!

Most people in the marketing world never test.

Unfortunately, it’s usually because they fear it will be too time consuming, complicated or expensive. However, If you’ll be disciplined and smart about A/B testing, you’ll gain valuable insights and enjoy more and more marketing success, while your competitors...well...just won’t.

You’ll have a major advantage over your competitors that don’t conduct consistent A/B tests and you know what? It’s not hard or time consuming and it’s inexpensive to do, so learn how to do it now.

Car Green
Car Orange
Car Purple
Car Orange
Car Purple
Car Green
A/B Testing

How to run a successful A/B test

Testing From Scratch

If you have two or three main ideas about your new Landing Page but aren’t sure about which one to use, A/B Testing will help you decide exactly which direction to take. You’ll get insight on real data about your ideas and eliminate any assumption and guesswork. So, once you have those ideas reflected on each one of your Landing Page variants, assign equal traffic to each and find out which one wins.

Testing from scratch
Run A/B Test
Run A/B Test
Run A/B Test
Run A/B Test
Run A/B Test
Run A/B Test
Run A/B Test
Run A/B Test
Version A
Version B
Version C

Now it’s time to change one thing at a time

Ok, now that you have the winning version of your Landing Page it’s time to optimize it. Let’s say you change your written headline, your call to action button and your images all at the same time. Your conversion rate compared to the control or A page goes down, way down. But since you changed three landing page elements all at the same time, you don’t know what led to your falling conversion rate. Always test one thing per test; choose what to test and find out what version converts better.

What exactly should I be testing?

Even though you want to only change and split test one landing page element at a time, don’t limit yourself when you are choosing which elements to test. You can test almost anything: Headline, Sub Headlines, Calls to Action, Colors,Testimonials, Images, Videos, Lenght, structure even different kinds of content.

Call to action
What exactly should I be testing?
How long should I run my A/B tests?

How long should I run my A/B tests?

Don’t run your A/B test for too short a time period or for too long either. If you test for too short a time period, your results may be a statistical anomaly and may not accurately tell you the changes that need to be made to improve your results. Test for too long and you won’t begin implementing changes soon enough, delaying the necessary improvement you are looking for.

Want to start discovering the unknown problems on your Landing Page?

We’ve got the perfect tool to start optimizing your Landing Page’s conversion rate!

Lander's A/B Testing Tool

So, if your Landing Page is not getting the results you’ve imagined, and your boss is asking you for more leads from it, then A/B testing is here to help you. Remember, if you’re not testing your landing pages, they are not getting any better either.

Lander A/B Testing Tool

With Lander’s intuitive tool, you can create and test up to three different versions of each landing page simultaneously. That means you’ll be able to create different versions of your landing page under the same URL.

Base your editing decisions on real-time split-test feedback instead of guesswork.

So, by using Lander’s powerful editor, making those changes and split testing will be so incredibly easy, you won’t have any excuses to not start testing! Simply drag and drop the elements you want to test, save your changes and let the A/B tests begin.

Use this opportunity to impress your colleagues and executive team with real results, and become a conversion hero in your office!